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In accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 88-l dated 05.05.2017 of the Institute of Microbiology and Virology named after D.K. Zabolotny National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine issued a license for educational activities in the field of higher education at the III (educational and scientific) level in the specialty 091 Biology та біохімія (field of knowledge 09 Biology, license volume 10 people).

Educational plans: 
091 "Biology"
035 "Foreign language of professional direction"
033 "Philosophy of Science and Culture"

Institute of Microbiology and Virology named after D.K. Zabolotny National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine recruits for postgraduate studies in the specialty 091 Biology та біохімія (освітні програми «microbiology», «virology», «biotechnology"). The term of study at the graduate school is 4 years. Enrollment in postgraduate studies takes place on a competitive basis from November 1 of the current year, subject to successful completion of the entrance exams. Persons with higher education (specialist or master's degrees) in the field of biology, as well as related specialties, are eligible for admission to postgraduate studies.

Regulations on postgraduate studies of the Institute of Medical Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (see Regulations)
Положення про приймальну комісію ІМВ НАН України (see Regulations)
Правила прийому до аспірантури та докторантури ІМВ НАН України (див. Правила прийому до аспірантури та докторантури від 09.04.2024)

Entrance exams to postgraduate studies consist of:
  • Specializations (exams are held at the D.K. Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology) to choose from microbiologyvirology, biotechnology (see programs of entrance exams) ;
  • Foreign language (examinations are held at the Center for Scientific Research and Teaching of Foreign Languages of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv, Tryohsvyatitelska St., 4, phone: (044) 278-89-71, http://langcenter.kiev.ua);

Acceptance of documents for admission to graduate school is taking place from August 1 to September 10 of the current year at:
Kyiv, str. Zabolotny, 154, IMV NASU, room 248, service of academic secretary.

List of documents for admission to postgraduate studies:
  1. Application addressed to the Director of the Institute (see example), where, in particular, it is necessary to indicate which foreign language the applicant will chose;
  2. Copies of specialist or master's diplomas on higher education with copies of their appendices with a list of courses taken and grades; 
  3. Copies of the bachelor's diploma and its annex with a list of courses taken and grades*;
  4. Copy of passport; 
  5. Medical certificate (form 086);
  6. Personal personnel record sheet (if the applicant is working, the sheet is drawn up at the main place of work and certified by the personnel department; if the applicant is not working, it is drawn up by the personnel department of the IMV of NASU); 
  7. Autobiography;
  8. A copy of an identification code. 
  9. Abstract of 16-20 pages. or prints of printed works (not abstracts) (if available). 
  10. 3-4 photos of 3x4 cm format.
  11. Binder.

*The originals of the documents are presented personally by the applicant.

Entrance exams on specialization в 2023 році will take place: спеціалізація – 14 вересня at 10:00; foreign language (English) – 22 вересня.

Enrollment in postgraduate studies based on the results of the entrance exams and the decision of the competitive commission takes place by order of the director of the Institute. The same order appoints supervisors of graduate students. 

Postgraduate students studying under the state order are paid a monthly stipend in accordance with the Legislation of Ukraine.
With post-graduate students studying under the state order, the Institute concludes an Agreement on the training of a post-graduate student (see app.1), where the rights and obligations of both parties are prescribed. This Agreement is made in two copies and is kept by both parties.
After enrolling in graduate school, graduate student, together with the supervisor, develops a general individual plan for work on the dissertation, taking into account the curriculum of the Institute of Microbiology and Virology named after D.K. Zabolotny of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, approved by the Academic Council and the Director of the National Academy of Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences. The approval of the curriculum, the topic of the dissertation and the scientific plan takes place at the meeting of the Academic Council of the Institute no later than 2 months after the start of studies at the graduate school. The approval of the topic occurs as follows: the graduate student must clearly formulate rationale of the future thesis, goals and objectives of the work, and proposed topic of the dissertation. By the time the topic is approved, the graduate student must orient himself in the main literary sources on the issues of his dissertation and answer the questions of the members of the Academic Council.
Post-graduate students from abroad are provided with places in the dormitories for post-graduate students of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine during their studies. To live in a dormitory, a graduate student concludes an agreement for the use of living space (see app.2).

Розпорядження Президії НАН України № 310 “Про забезпечення аспірантів наукових установ НАН України гуртожитками та надання їм медичних послуг”

(044) 526-23-89 Academic secretary, PhD Olena Andrienko