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Institute of Microbiology and Virology named after D.K. The Zabolotny National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine has doctoral programs (DSc) in the following specialties:

03.00.07 – microbiology

03.00.06 – virology

03.00.20 – biotechnology

Doctoral training is a form of training of highly qualified scientific personnel.

Persons who have a PhD degree, published works in the chosen scientific specialty and can conduct scientific research at a high scientific level are admitted to the doctoral program (DSc) of the Institute.

List of documents required for admission to doctoral studies

1. Application addressed to the Director of the Institute;

2. Personnel record sheet;

3. Autobiography;

4. List of published scientific works and inventions;

5. Medical certificate on the state of health;

6. A copy of the diploma of graduation from a higher educational institution indicating the obtained specialist or master's qualification;

7. Copy of passport;

8. A copy of the diploma awarding the scientific degree of PhD;

9. Detailed plan of the thesis for obtaining the scientific degree of Doctor of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the doctoral dissertation);

10. A copy of an identification code.

Documents required for admission to doctoral studies are submitted in person and in full in a binder or folder to the academic secretary of the Institute. The future doctoral student presents the originals of documents on higher education, a candidate of sciences diploma and a passport when submitting documents.

At the meeting of the department to which he joins, the future doctoral student gives a speech and presents a plan of work on the dissertation. The department, by voting, determines the possibility of admission to doctoral studies.

The academic council of the Institute considers the recommendations of the department, documents submitted by the doctoral student, listens to the scientific report of the doctoral student on the topic of the future dissertation and makes a decision on admission to doctoral studies and the appointment of a scientific consultant.

Enrollment in doctoral studies is based on the Decision of the Academic Council and the corresponding order of the Director of the Institute.

Doctoral students studying under the state order are paid a monthly stipend in accordance with the Legislation of Ukraine. The stipend is awarded on the basis of the average monthly salary at the last place of work, but not lower than 60 percent and not higher than the salary of an associate professor (doctoral students must provide a certificate of the average salary for the last three months from the main place of work).

Doctoral students from abroad are provided with a bed-place in the dormitory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for the duration of their studies. To live in a dormitory, a doctoral student concludes an agreement for the use of living space (see the section "Postgraduate studies").

No later than 3 months from the date of enrollment in the doctoral course, at a meeting of the Academic Council of the Institute, the subject of the doctoral dissertation and the scientific consultant are approved by the doctoral candidate, who is personally responsible for the high-quality and timely submission of the dissertation to the specialized academic council.

The duration of doctoral studies is 3 years.