Музей Д.К.Заболотного - ІМВ НАН України 🇺🇦

The village of Zabolotne, which used to be called Chebotarka, is located in Kryzhopol district of Vinnytsia region. An outstanding microbiologist and epidemiologist, Academician Danylo Kyrylovych Zabolotny was born, lived and was buried here. Currently, the village has a memorial museum of D.K. Zabolotny. The museum complex includes the village house where the future scientist was born, a large garden and the grave of Danylo Kyrylovych and his wife, Lyudmila Radetska.

The interior of the house, which was during the life of the scientist, has been completely preserved. Books with his notes, covered with dried flowers, remained in the old cabinet. On the table near the window is a Zeissian microscope, which Danylo Kyrylovych took with him in the deserts of Asia and in Manchuria. An old straw block hangs on a hanger.

In one of the rooms, in the heart of the exposition, there are wax figures depicting D.K. Zabolotny and a peasant who came to him for medical help. Everything in the manor reminds of its owner. When returning from expeditions, the scientist always brought exotic plants with him. Even now, in the garden, next to the usual poplars and cherries, you can see a Karelian birch or an Ussuri maple.

In 1966, an additional exhibition building was built on the territory of the museum. Its exhibits tell about the scientist's life, and introduce his scientific activities in detail. Various documents, geographical maps, and family photos are presented here. The originals of Danylo Kyrylovych's student notes and first scientific works are very interesting. For example, museum visitors can familiarize themselves with a detailed description of the experiment when, risking his own life, he first vaccinated a person against cholera.

An important stage in the life of D.K. Zabolotny was the fight against the plague epidemic in Manchuria. In the exposition of the museum, this period is represented by original materials that tell about the treatment of this terrible disease. There is also a large-scale panorama of "D.K. Zabolotny on an expedition to fight the plague."

Since 1985, the museum has been part of the Institute of Microbiology and Virology named after D.K. Zabolotny National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. In the period from 1987 to 1989, large-scale restoration works were carried out in the museum.

Tourists visit the museum every year, people of various professions and ages come here to pay their respects to the great scientist.