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Bacterial polysaccharides intended for use in the food industry (37 recipes), agriculture (as a pesticide adhesive, growth stimulator), oil production.

Available documentation: Patents of Ukraine. Regulatory and technical documentation: Technical conditions (SOPs), Regulations, Permits for use in the food industry and agriculture.


Bioadgesive agent EPAA-10 is a copolymer created on the basis of microbial polysaccharides, which according to taximetric parameters belongs to non-toxic substances. The unique properties of EPAA allow it to be used in various industries: textile, leather, microbiological, woodworking and agriculture.

In textile industry EPAA preparation can be used for finishing and final finishing of textile materials made of natural and synthetic fibers, an adhesive component in the production of water-soluble adhesives.

In microbiological industry for the partial replacement of agar-agar with EPAA preparation, which does not affect the growth and development of microorganisms and allows to reduce the costs of expensive imported raw materials.

Experimental studies on the application of EPAA for filling skins and in the process of fattening showed that the easily soluble EPAA preparation on the quality of skins is similar to imported fillers, but much cheaper than them.

Use of EPAA in woodworking industry as a filler for composite resins, it allows to reduce the content of free formaldehyde in finished products (plywood, fiberboard, chipboard).

In agriculture the form of the EPAA copolymer is effectively used - the preparation EPAA-10, which corresponds to the best global adhesives and has significant advantages in terms of technological indicators and cost level:

  • is a highly effective compound of biological origin that contributes to the adhesion of pesticides, growth regulators, etc. to seeds and plants during their growing season;
  • helps plants tolerate drought and increases their resistance to frost; prolongs the duration of action of pesticides, growth stimulants and beneficial bacteria included in microbial preparations;
  • dissolves well in water and has a high adhesive capacity;
  • increases the resistance of plants to root rot, powdery mildew, etc.; increases the effectiveness of pesticides by reducing their consumption rates by 25% or more;
  • stimulates plant growth; forms strong films on plants without hindering their gas exchange.

EPAA drug and its commercial form EPAA-10 are produced according to TR.

Available documentation

The conclusion of the state sanitary-epidemiological examination was obtained for the production of the biological adhesive, and the hygienic conclusion of the State sanitary-hygienic examination of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for use in agriculture and the microbiological industry was obtained for the preparation. The drug is protected by an invention patent, registered in the State Standard, a data map of the hazardous factor was developed, and a Certificate of State Registration of the Hazardous Factor was obtained.

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