Наукові відділи та лабораторії - ІМВ НАН України 🇺🇦

Modern structure of the Institute of Microbiology and Virology named after D.K. Zabolotny National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine includes 16 scientific departments and laboratories.

The structure of the Institute also includes administrative and economic divisions, scientific library, editorial and publishing department, division of nutrient media, nursery, experimental field, accounting, occupational health and safety service, fire safety service, material and technical supply department, personnel department, special unit, headquarters of civil defense, office, scientific archive, copying and reproduction office, operational and technical department, motor vehicle station, economic service.

The Institute also includes the memorial museum-house of the founder of the Institute, the outstanding Ukrainian scientist-microbiologist D.K. Zabolotny in the village Zabolotne of the Kryzhopol district of the Vinnytsia region.