Мікробіологічний журнал - ІМВ НАН України 🇺🇦
Мікробіологічний журнал

MICROBIOLOGICAL JOURNAL (ISSN 1028-0987) has been published since 1934, is included in the SCOPUS database and referenced in PubMed. MJ is a Ukrainian peer-reviewed scientific publication that accepts for consideration original experimental articles and analytical reviews in microbiology and virology, as well as personalities, reviews of the latest scientific events (congresses, symposia, conferences, etc.) and reviews of scientific publications.

MJ highlights the most relevant research in the field of general, soil, technical and medical microbiology, physiology of industrial microorganisms, experimental mycology, theoretical and applied aspects of virology, genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology of microorganisms, production of new biologically active substances by microorganisms, as well as biotechnology and environmental protection environment using microorganisms.

The journal is issued once every two months. The edition consists of sections Experimental works, Methods, Literature reviews, History of science, Anniversaries and Dates, Chronicle, Reviews. Articles in Ukrainian and English are accepted for consideration.

For more details, see the website: http://microbiolj.org.ua/ua/