Ukrainian Collection of Microorganisms (UCM) - ІМВ НАН України 🇺🇦

D.K. Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IMV NASU) is the only and the oldest research centre in Ukraine dealing with the problems of classic microbiology, virology and microbial biotechnology. Founded in 1928 by a world-renowned scientist, academician Danylo Zabolotny, the Institute began to form the collection of non-pathogenic microorganisms – Ukrainian Collection of Microorganisms (UCM).
The main tasks of UCM are maintaining and replenishing of the microbial stock in order to preserve biological and functional diversity, and to study the current taxonomic status of collectible microbes and their biotechnological potential, providing research and production institutions with industrial and pharmacopoeial strains for various purposes.
By now the UCM is the biggest in Ukraine collection of nonpathogenic strains of microorganisms with official state status. Collection also acts as a central depository of industrially valuable strains of nonpathogenic microorganisms in Ukraine. UCM is rated as the Object of the National Asset of Ukraine (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of April 1, 1999 № 527) and is registered in World Data Centre for Microorganisms (acronym – UCM, number – 1203). The first edition of UCM Catalog was published in 1998 and the second – in 2007. The permanently renewing electronic version of Catalog is placed on the site
UCM preserves unique strains belonging to different taxonomic groups of microorganisms which were isolated in Ukraine as well as type strains which were obtained from internationally recognized foreign collections. The UCM fund contains over 5600 cultures of microorganisms which are presented by more than 1000 species and 300 genera in total. Over 300 type strains of different species, including the representatives which were first described by researchers from IMV NASU (e.g. certain species of spore-forming, methylotrophic, marine gram-negative bacteria and actinobacteria), are preserved in our collection. Now collection fund of UCM includes over 3500 bacterial strains, 1100 fungal strains and 1000 yeast strains. Microbial fund of collection is a source for preservation of biodiversity of natural strains of microorganisms, contributing to the fundamental studies on microbial biochemistry, ecology, physiology and genetics, as well as to the improvement of classification and description of new taxa of microorganisms. Among them there are unique, isolated and supported only by UCM probiotic cultures; strains-producers of enzymes, antibiotics, polysaccharides, antioxidants etc.; plant growth stimulators; and strains capable of biodegradation of wide-spectrum of resistant organic environmental pollutants. All these strains serve as a biotechnological base for development of biopreparations for agriculture, medicine and veterinary medicine, and environment protection.
Ukrainian Collection of Microorganisms is the unique object of the National Asset of Ukraine that cannot be reproduced, the loss or destruction of which will have serious negative consequences for the development of science and society.