Звернення Національної академії наук України до світової наукової спільноти (Appeal of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine to the World Scientific Community) - ІМВ НАН України 🇺🇦

Appeal of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine to the World Scientific Community

Today our state is going through the most terrible and tragic times in its history. For the second month, Ukraine has been suffering from the war unleashed by Russia, the war that has only brought deaths and destruction.

As a result of hostilities, our scientists, like millions of Ukrainian citizens trying to escape Russian missile attacks, have to hide in basements and bomb shelters, flee their homes seeking safe places to live. They have been deprived of the opportunity to conduct their usual scientific research. In some cities they have been deprived not only of their jobs – since Russian air attacks have damaged scientific institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, in particular those situated in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sumy – but deprived of their homes as well.

However, our scientists continue working, often amidst the sounds of frequent explosions and the howl of air raid sirens. They continue to carry out their research projects, the results of which could be used for enhancing the defense potential and security of the state, rebuilding the shattered economy after the war and, besides, they continue to conduct general scientific research for the sake of world science development.

We express our profound gratitude for the words of moral support and your solidarity with the whole people of Ukraine and its scientific community. Scientists of various countries have joined their efforts to help those who have to temporarily leave their homes and seek safety outside their country.

At the same time, today the main problem for us is to support scientists who stayed to work in Ukraine. The targeted financial aid for continuing their scientific and S&T activities, as well as that for rebuilding the damaged science infrastructure, could be of vital importance for them. That could be done by providing direct financial aid (either personally or via the Academy) or by the remote participation of our scientists in grant- funded projects of foreign institutions but with receiving payments in Ukraine.

We would be grateful to all those who will be able to provide aid at this tragic time for Ukraine, its science and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Anatoly Zagorodny
President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Details: https://nas.gov.ua/UA/Messages/Pages/View.aspx?MessageID=8958

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