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One remarkable example of the biotechnologies developed in D.K. Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology of NASU is related to microbiological plant protection products and schemes of application of complex microbial biotechnologies, which can become a great help in the strategy for Ukrainian Sowing season – 2022 during Russian War against Ukraine. Learn more in the interview where Dr. Lyudmyla BILIAVSKA, Head of the Department of General and Soil Microbiology of D.K. Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology of NASU, is talking to Valery BILOKON, “FreeFARM” Project Manager of the company “AGPOTERRA” on 25th of March 2022 (27th day of Russian War against Ukraine). The strategy of biological protection of wheat, rapeseed, corn, sunflower, and soybeans is discussed, and the focus is on the main questions related to effective planting that Ukrainian agrarians are currently interested in.

Dr Lyudmyla BILIAVSKA:
…Despite hard for Ukraine war time the agrarian season is coming. At present it is impossible to carry out the sowing campaign on almost one third of the territory of Ukraine. Nevertheless, on the rest part of our country we will try to help our agrarians and provide them with biopreparations in sufficient quantities in order to carry out sowing in time because it is very important to provide Ukraine and other counties with food products….

So, some words about biopreparations:
Avercom contains the metabolites of Streptomyces avermitilis UKM Ас-2179
Phytovit contains Streptomyces netropsis UKM Ас-2186 
Ecovital contains Bradyrhizobium japonicum 2в and Bacillus megaterium 6
Regoplant, Stimpo and Treptolem contain the complex of biologically active substances including the metabolites of Streptomyces avermitilis
Sporasin contains Pseudomonas aureofaciens Мb-24 (IMV В-7559), Pseudomonas aureofaciens Mb-17 (IMV В-7558), Bacillus subtilis BT-7 (IMV B-7349)
Biostimix Niva is the stubble destructor. It contains highly effective strains of cellulolytic, ligninolytic and nitrogen-fixing microorganisms (fungi of Trichoderma genera, Azotobacter genera and actinomycetes).

Last year (in 2021) we conducted relevant research in different regions of Ukraine, in particular in Khmelnytskyi, Poltava, Cherkasy, Dnipropetrovsk regions as well in the south of the country. We intended to reduce (without loss of crop and its quality) the amounts of mineral fertilizers, which are usually used by agricultural producers, by applying of biological preparations on the base of living microorganisms and newest metabolic preparations. Using of biological preparations which are developed in our Institute and in the couple of other companies is of great necessity because microbial preparations help to reduce amounts of used mineral fertilizers and improve soil microbiota. They also permit plant to receive all necessary nutrition elements for forming harvest and provide protection of plant from unfavorable factors of environment including phytopathogens and pests.

For example, using of different kinds of mineral fertilizers, particularly carbamide-ammonium mixture (CAM) in combination with CAM-activator and metabolic preparations, allow to reduce the amounts of CAM itself and to diminish partially the negative influence of mineral fertilizers on soil microbiota and at the same time supply plant with necessary nutrition elements – nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and microelements.

That happens because living microbial component of biological preparation together with activated indigenous microbiota allow plants to obtain: 1) available nitrogen which is fixed by microorganisms from air; 2) freely available phosphorus and potassium, which are present in soil in bounded form. Besides, metabolic preparations activate defense mechanisms of plant; increase its stress tolerance and development, moreover these preparations improve immunity of the plant. Just all this in the complex makes it possible to obtain the desired result without harming the environment.

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